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I love tips, photos, questions, concerns, suggestions, hellos and everything else. You can reach me at

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  3. Thanks for starting up this blog! Good to see somebody with the inclination (and the time) to do it!

    Looks like your bedroom overlooks my garden! I am at 494 Madison!



    • Teddy, thanks for being in touch and thank you for reading! And yes… we are neighbors! Feel free to be in touch with whatever may interest you in the neighborhood, and I will look into it.



        My name is Quincy and I have been the property owner of 309 Quincy Street (between Nostrand and Marcy Avenue) since 2004.
        My property, along with many buildings of Quincy Street, whose property adjoins Lexington Avenue, have been plagued by illegal sanitation dumping in the back of the Armstrong I Building on Lexington Avenue (between Nostrand and Marcy Avenue).

        Garbage has been collected from all of the neighboring buildings and is being housed in back of the Armstrong buildings by NYCHA, instead of being placed curbside for NYC Dept. of Sanitation retrieval.
        The mountains of waste collects for weeks before being retrieved after each dumping.

        Due to this illegal and unsanitary practice, adjoining Quincy Street properties have been plagued with swarms of rodents damaging/eating through fencing and burrowing tunnels in yards. These swarms of rodents are in extremely large numbers during daytime hours. This outbreak has been growing in recent months, which affects our health, and ultimately these rodents will ruin our homes. Several of us have reached out to News 12 and local politicians to combat this issue, and have numerous pictures and video documenting this issue that has escalated during the past 9 months!


  4. Hello, just wondered what you have heard about the storefront being renovated on the corner of Nostrand and Jefferson. I’ve seen a lot of work going on there but no idea what is opening. There is actually another storefront across the street from there on nostrand, a bit north, that also has something new opening.

    Finally, is there a way to subscribe to your blog?

    Thank you!!!


  5. Thanks for following up! Will stop by that Nostrand spot this week. And I thought I spotted Lover’s Rock open late the other night, passing by in a cab … I’ve been meaning to stop by because I think it may be open or opening soon?? Stay tuned…


  6. Hey there,

    It looks like things have been slowing down on the blog (I’m an avid reader). I was wondering if you might need/want some help? I’m a writer and Bed-Stuy resident/super-fan, living in the Malcolm X corridor. I’d love to contribute to the blog. If you’re open to it, please shoot me an email and we can chat.



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